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Press Release : PARCELLA Series #4
Skupturenpark Berlin_Zentrum presents:
Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser
Turn it one more time, 2007

4 PM, July 8th, 2007

July 8 – August 5

For the third exhibition in Parcella, a German-Hungarian culture project, Berlin-based artists, Martin Kaltwasser and Folke Köbberling, dig deeper into the history and location of Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum.

Situated in downtown Berlin, this site has undergone innumerable historic changes. For a time it was the Newspaper District, and in another, the militarized zone separating East and West Berlin (1961-1989). Buildings have been erected and destroyed; density has increased and populations devastated. It was a place for a community, a Wall, a parking lot, and an urban wasteland. Today, the site sits in restless anticipation as real estate values grow and interest accumulates. At this same instance, bushes, grass, and small trees break through the asphalt and city foundations. Seasonal vegetation grows and covers the ground.

In their piece, “Turn it one more time”, Kaltwasser & Köbberling are literally turning over the site’s historic and archeological foundations. They will be excavating three sites in the park. The excavations will take the negative form of viewing platforms which were erected by West Germany in 1989 along the Berlin Wall. These original platforms allowed citizens to see beyond the division. Now, rather than leading upwards, the excavations will lead downwards and offer a new view into the history of a place.

The stairway represents not only a symbol of historical significance, but provide an experiential path. The opened ground invites the viewer to observe the site’s intrinsic, biological processes. The steps bring the viewer eye-level with the ground where the territorial appropriation by wild plants can be observed. This overwhelming presence of flora presents the viewer with the natural potentials of a place typically beyond the interests of urban developers.

The excavations are situated on different lots within the park. Details of the artists’ process including archeological, biological, and geographic findings will be recorded on the park billboard located on Neuegrünstrasse between Kommandanten and Seydelstrasse.

Parcella is a cooperative project by KUNSTrePUBLIK e.V. with Lumen Foundation, Budapest. It has received the generous support of Bipolar, a German-Hungarian cultural initiative. Bipolar is a program of the Federation’s endowment of culture.

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