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Exhibitions : PARCELLA - 15. April - 30. September, 2007
02. Opening: April 15th

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Miklós Mécs
43 Proposals and 1-month residency, 2007

For the opening, Miklós Mécs kicked off his 1-month residency with Proposal no.32: Shots Flag and served a Hungarian soup to all visitors. For his proposal to Skupturenpark, Miklós Mécs offered 43. Skulpturenpark gave him a chance to produce his ideas with a 1-month residency. For the month, Mécs lived in a 6th floor apartment at Seydelstrasse 15, the sole building situated in the park. During his stay, he produced various site-specific projects, including a project where he rearranged property fences to deliniate an already well-worn shortcut across the park. Progress of his 43 proposals was updated and posted on the Skulpturenpark billboard on Neue Grunstrasse.