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Exhibitions : PARCELLA - May 13th - June 3rd, 2007
03. Opening: May 13th

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Hajnal Németh
Truck Facing Eastwards, 2007

Hajnal Németh parked a white tractor trailer on one of Skulpturenpark’s lots for 3-weeks. Stripped of its markings and temporarily removed from its function, the truck sat on the vacant property like a still-life. In reference to the site’s history, the truck faced East.

Németh installed plates of colored glass at varying distances on each side from which to view the truck. The plates offered four distinct vantages and presentations: in the dark blue of night, a sulphuric yellow fog, through a gray cloudy sky, and in the crimson of sunset. A lyrical text appropriated from Johnny Cash was engraved on each. “night is falling / maybe baby / I am falling / truly baby.” The installation set up a physical and emotive poem which led the viewer 360° around the truck. The shifting focus from the truck to the text, from white to color and back to white intimated a cinematic drama as the truck sat in restless anticipation.

* Special thanks to Trans-Porter Handels GmbH.