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Exhibitions : SPEKULATIONEN - February 17 - March 23, 2008
03. Opening: Sunday, February 17, 3 PM


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Sofia Hultén
Auflösung, 2008
Sculpture and video (Video plays in restaurant at Seydelstrasse and Neue Grünstrasse.)

Sofia Hultén scoured the park of discarded objects and trash such as an old armchair, mattress, wood and more. In her piece, Auflösung, the objects were collected and then shredded into chunks at an industrial waste disposal plant. Hultén took the resulting pieces and spread them in the areas where each object was found. Characteristic of her oeuvre, Hultén set a time-consuming and ambitious task for herself with seemingly little, or at least, contorted practical purpose. Rather than providing a trash removal service, Hultén sped up the site’s entropic processes– mechanically and metaphorically exploding the objects in a sculptural process of dematerialization. A video of the shredding was screened at the opening on a TV haphazardly dropped in the park. For the duration of the exhibition, the video will play in the restaurant on Seydelstrasse at the corner of Neue Grünstrasse.

Map of objects (click to download a printable PDF)