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Exhibitions : SPEKULATIONEN - February 17 - March 23, 2008
05. Opening: Sunday, February 17, 3 PM


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Ulrike Mohr
Neue Nachbarn, 2008
5 trees, medallions, botantical classifications, and map

A few blocks away from Skulpturenpark, East Germany’s former Parliamentary Building, the Palast der Republik, was being dismantled. During the 15 odd years that the city debated the Palast’s demise, its roof became a small and hidden biotope. For her piece, Neue Nachbarn, Ulrike Mohr rescued the 5 trees which sprouted out of the roof's cracks and has transplanted them at Skulpturenpark. In the same moment that their former home was being destroyed, the wild trees took root in the park's soil in the exactly the same positions from one another which they had maintained on the roof. Mohr marked the trees with Palast der Republik medallions and distinguished them with small plastic botanical classifications pushed into the ground. Otherwise, the trees quietly and symbiotically blended in with their new neighbors, wild trees and vegetation, who similarly sprouted from cracks after the fall of the Wall.

Map of Palast Trees and Botanical Classification of all Species (click to download a printable PDF)

Design: Ariane Spanier
Print: Albdruck Kley & Fina
© Ulrike Mohr 2008