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Exhibitions : WUNDERLAND : July 2009 – February 2010
01. Opening: Sunday, July 5, 3 PM

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Arnaud Elfort (Survival Group) and Eden Morfaux
Block, 2009

The shadow cast by a luxurious one-story model condo, which advertises a life of extravagance, is reflected in a black, monolithic Block-construction across the street. The sculpture, Block, by French artists, Eden Morfaux and Arnaud Elfort, discloses the “dark side” that lurks beneath the façade of luxury and private property. It illustrates attempts to protect urban buildings and accentuates architectural requirements for existing in public space.

Block spotlights nameless, architectural phenomena, edificial devices that are attached to public objects to discourage people from sitting or leaning on them. Morfaux and Elfort, who refer to the devices as “Anti-Sites”, have attached sculpted replicas all around the voluminous Block. Without an entrance, it is impenetrable allowing itself only to be approached and walked around. The Block presents itself as a passive aggressive monument, compelled by the dubious reasoning of urban anti-spaces, which makes an (Anti)-Statement for the democratic use of space.

Arnaud Elford (*1975) lives and works in Paris. His collaboration with Guillaume Schaller, Survival Group, has developed an extensive archive of “Anti-Sites”. Eden Morfaux (*1977) lives and works in Paris.