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Exhibitions : WUNDERLAND : July 2009 – February 2010
02. Opening: Saturday, July 18th, 2009 at 7 PM

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Christoph Ziegler
Camp Exodus, 2009

Teams of workers, aided with heavy machinery, tractors and lifts, have been building an immense architecture on the wild, fallow land of Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum. On this occasion, Skulpturenpark has employed its own one-man construction team.

In the last few weeks, Christoph Ziegler has constructed Camp Exodus, an architectural assemblage of envisioned utopias of the past, a convergence of a space station, garden plot and a 70s module house. What has already been attempted on a grand scale will be presented and understood on a personally achievable DIY scale.

Camp Exodus consists of five interior working-stations open for public use. Away from the routine of daily life, observations can be collected, assimilated, reflected and transformed here. Camp Exodus is a performative architecture that is dedicated to the praxis of utopi-sizing. Its functions and potentials will be further employed by a series of invited artists, researchers, architects and musicians.

Camp Exodus Program

Saturday, July 18
7 pm:
8 pm
: Presentation by Bernd Jasper & Moka Farkas (Hamburg)
9 pm:DJ Vicious Vroni

Sunday, July 19
4 pm: ABOUT THE ADAPTION OF SPACES, a lecture by Oliver Krewitt (Hamburg)
5 pm: TOMORROW 50 YEARS AGO AND SO ON, a presentation by Ralo Mayer (Vienna)

Monday - Thursday
Camp Exodus open daily 4 pm - 9 pm

Friday, July 24
8 pm: Le Eck Lypsehöhle: Oracle of the World, an open-air-oracle-spectacle

Saturday, July 25
3 pm: Daniel Salomon: Opening of the Berlin branch of Sennacia Banko.
Sennacia Banko (Esperanto for Bank without Nation) issues the new worldwide currency, “Mono”, which will soon make all other currencies obsolete. Come and exchange your Euros for Mono! Hold on to them as an investment! Or, spend them right away on a delicious Esperanto meal for M100! The Sennacia Banko is open daily from July 26th - August 2nd from 11am to 4pm.
4 pm - 9 pm: Les Relikts d'Orakel, the relics of an oracle for closer contemplation.

Monday, July 27
: Upgrade! Berlin's Summer BBQ @ Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum takes refuge within Christoph Ziegler's 'Camp Exodus'. Featuring Drew Hemment (director futureeverything / manchester), Amanda Steggell (artist/foodie / oslo), Perry Bard (artist / new york) and Jon Cates (artist, researcher / chicago) along with Nicholas O'brien (upgrade! chicago) and Elena Veljanovska (upgrade! skopje), the Upgrade! summer BYOB edition is a chance to get together with this year's Berlin art asylum seekers.
Saturday, August 1
10 pm: Film à la Surprise (utopian film evening)

Monday - Thursday
Camp Exodus open daily 4 pm - 9 pm

Saturday, August 1
10 pm: Film à la Exodus, TBA

Sunday, August 2
4 pm: COMBAT OF THE SUN OR THE HORSES OF THE WEBBEL, a lecture / Acoustic Performance by Balz Isler (Zürich/Berlin) und Gordon Müllenbach (Hamburg)

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