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Press Release: Wunderland exhibition series: September 23, 2009

Angela Melitopoulos

Möglichkeitsraum I (The Blast of the Possible). A transnational Space Montage

Sunday, September 27, from 5 PM

all over the park
Public transportation: Spittelmarkt & Moritzplatz

The project Möglichkeitsraum I unfolds in a trans-national, spatial act of montage. Unpublished photographs of abandoned cities and interiors of houses in the militarily controlled ghost city of Varosha in Cyprus and around the Green Line in Nicosia are reproduced on billboards and planted into the derelict space of Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum. The Skulpturenpark area was once part of the border strip dividing Berlin. The billboards are sequenced in this no-man’s land in Berlin as an unfinished screenplay. Telephone numbers are scratched into the ground and invite visitors and strollers to call up and listen to voices that tell a few stories about other no man’s lands of Europe. Möglichkeitsraum I is a project about the segmentation of collective memory in urban spaces and archives, such as in Nicosia and Berlin.

0931 66399 0407 - ‘G’ by MariaGiovanna Nuzzi
0931 66399 0762 - ‘Oskar’ by S. Sohrabi & G.Fakunmoju
0931 66399 2676 - ‘Pagani DetentionCenter’, by Angela Melitopoulos
0931 66399 2975 - ‘Georgina’ by Angela Melitopoulos<
* All calls are free of charge.

7 PM Open-air Video Program
Place: Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum between Beuthstraße und Seydelstraße
MariaGiovanna Nuzzi: The Law or to the Desert, 9 min
The video is giving voice to a story that began with the entrapment of two Palestinian men at the Dubai International Airport. The film confronts short-circuits in law gaps with questions regarding the visibility that turns into the certification of lives, otherwise non-existent.
Raphael Grisey/Bouba Touré: 58, rue Trousseau, Paris France, 2008, 29min
This video by Bouba Touré was shot in his parisian home, a two-room apartment with many photographs, posters, and keepsakes on the walls. The video, shot in two takes, links many political struggles of the last 50 years with Bouba Touré’s life.
Ines Schaber: Excerpts of films on the story of the housing struggle in Berlin-Kreuzberg in the 1980s
Alana Kakoyiannis: Still, 2009, 18min
A poetic documentary reflecting on the notion of home through the lens of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot displacement on the divided island of Cyprus. The testimonies of two female voices living on opposing sides of the Green Line combined with the filmmaker’s own observations of the present day, capture the potency of the political conflict through personal perspectives.

During the program the results of the German elections will be reported.

September 26, 2009, 11 AM - 6 PM, Roundtable discussion about the project.
Invited artists and theoreticians will illuminate their work and enter into a common discussion with Angela Melitopoulos about her project, Möglichkeitsraum I (The Blast of the Possible).

Alana Kakoyiannis (filmmaker, Nikosia) / Screening "Still"
MariaGiovanna Nuzzi (Video-Artist, London-Venice)
S. Sohrabi & G.Fakunmoju (Europäische Medienwissenschaftler, Potsdam)
Ines Schaber (Künstlerin, Berlin) / Präsentation of the text "Hier ist die Rose, hier tanze! Or- What if?", from the book "Wer sagt denn, dass Beton nicht brennt. Hast Du’s probiert? Film im West-Berlin der 80er Jahre" (Berlin: b_books, 2008)
Eyal Sivan (Filmemaker, Paris) / research: "The Common Archive"
Vassilies Tsianos (Sociologist,, Hamburg) / author of "Escape Routes"
Michael Willenbuecher (Kanak-Attack, Berlin) / lecture "Strength in Numbers. Migration, mobility and the pitfalls of a sedentary ontology"

KUNSTrePUBLIK e.V.'s Conference Room
Köpenicker Str. 36-38, 5th Floor

Möglichkeitsraum I wird gefördert von/ is supported by Mihai. Gesellschaft für Mediaservice, Cineplus Berlin, Autoprin.

Wunderland Curatorial Committee
Matteo Pasquinelli (Amsterdam/London)
Tim Voss/Britta Peters (Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg)
Pelin Tan (Istanbul)

Wunderland is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

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